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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do Androids Dream?

I finished reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick a few days ago.  I read this book in preparation for my upcoming appearance on the Scifi Diner Rewind that we are recording in early February.  On the Rewind show, Scott, Miles and a guest choose a sci-fi film and analyze it.  I appeared on a Rewind once before and it is a lot of fun.  If you're interested in listening, you can go click HERE to listen to the Rewind of Total Recall, which incidentally is also based on a story by Philip K. K Dick.

Published in 1968, the story is set in a post apocalyptic future.  Dick chose the year 1992 for the year this book is set in.  There was a nuclear war that caused a global nuclear winter.  There are several references to the typically gray sky and the constant presence of radioactive dust falling and being blown around by the wind.  Much of the Earth's population had emigrated to other planets, but the only one mentioned in the story is Mars.  According to the author, just about everyone that has left has android servants that resemble humans in every way, except that they do not posses human empathy.  Many of these servants have escaped from their owners and are showing up on Earth.  They have no problems with killing people and are considered renegades.  The only people left on the earth are the "chickenheads" (people who are not of high-functioning mental capacity), police, and people who could not afford to emigrate.

The story focuses on primarily two characters, Rick Deckard, who is a bounty hunter that is charged with "retiring" renegade androids, and John Isidore, a "chickenhead" who aids the androids that Deckard is charged with retiring.

Bogie from Maltese Falcon

I enjoyed reading this book mostly because as I went through it, I could actually picture the characters and the setting.  To me, it seemed like an old black and white film noir setting.   I could completely believe Humphrey Bogart as Rick Deckard in this.

As a newcomer to reading Philip K Dick, I found this story well written and easy to follow.  It is quite fast paced because the story all takes place in a single day.  Well worth the time.

I haven't watched the movie Blade Runner for a while and am looking forward to seeing that soon to see how the book and the movie stack up against each other.  I will be saving my comments on the film though for the Scifi Diner show I will be on.

Podcast News...

Since I last posted, I have listened to three podcasts.  Colin and company of Trek News and Views continued their discussion of time travel in Star Trek as they covered the Voyager series.  They not only talked about voyager, but drifted into some interesting tangents and had a good time doing it.  Well worth the listen.

David and Darren posted a discussion mostly about the upcoming Into Darkness movie on their Trekcast podcast.  One thing they said that gave me pause to think about is why we like Star Trek.  They couldn't have been more accurate when they said that the main reasons are the characters and the stories.  For them, and for me for that matter, it isn't the sction.  When looking at the trailers, one can get the impression that the JJ movies are moving into the Action/Adventure genre.  I hope that's not the case.  I completely agree with the Trekcast hosts.  There has to be good characters and good stories.  Also, they recorded their impressions upon leaving the theater that showed the first nine minutes of Into Darkness that has been tacked onto the beginning of the new Hobbits film showing in IMax theaters.  in a word, David said it was "amaaaaaaazing!"

Finally, Scott and Miles posted their annual Geek Christmas List show on the Scifi Diner.  If you are having trouble figuring out what to get that special sci-fi fan on your list, just listen to this episode (#160) of the Diner for some excellent ideas.  The coolest part of this though is that I appear on this show with my top five gifts I would like to receive.

I don't know when I'll be posting again.  It seems that I have plans that will keep me out of touch for a while over the Christmas break.  I am hoping to at least see a good film and do a lot of reading.

Well, there it is...

I remain Kahless!