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Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Darkness...

When Star Trek, the 2009 movie was released, I learned that the cast had committed to doing at least three new movies.  Then I was very surprised, and not unhappy, to see that JJ Abrams actually re-booted the entire Trek Universe with the introduction of Nero, a disgruntled Romulan that was bent on taking revenge against Spock for not being able to save Romulus from disaster.  Almost immediately following the release of the 2009 film, speculation began on what the next film might be.  Would JJ direct?  Would the entire cast return? Who will the new villain be?

Later we learned that Benedict Cumberbatch was cast to fulfill the role as the Enterprise crew's next challenge.  There were leaks of still photos, rumors, and much speculation.  Now the Name of the character being portrayed by Cumberbatch has been revealed.  And the winner is...

John Harrison.

Spock, Harrison,and Kirk in what I presume is the brig of the Enterprise.
 That no one has heard of Harrison is of no surprise to me.  JJ seems to be quite adept at springing surprises on us.  After all, who would ever have thought that the planet Vulcan, one of the founding planets of the Federation would be destroyed, making the Vulcans an endangered species?  Remember that "OH MY GOSH" moment?

Much of what I read and listened to speculated that JJ would bring back Kahn in the new Universe for a third go-around with Kirk.  Nope.  It's not Kahn.

Than I heard that the film would be a remake of the original series episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before" featuring Cumberbatch as Gary Mitchell, Kirk's good friend who later became a threat to the Enterprise forcing Kirk to kill him.

Gary Mitchell from "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Well, with the introduction of this new nemesis, the speculation is flying high again.  Everyone is clamoring for information and spoilers.

A few days ago, I saw this picture:

Speculation has begun flying about who this person is.  Is it Elizabeth Dehner?  Is it Carol Marcus?

Dr. Elizabeth Dehner

Dr. Carol Marcus

I'm betting that it is neither.  JJ and his writers evidently love to play mind games with the Trek community.  Frankly, I love it.  While I cannot help but wonder, I am betting that the new face is neither one, but someone new.

One thing I have come to believe about JJ Abrams and Bad Robot is that just when you think you have things all figured out, you get a curve thrown at you.  It makes it fun and interesting.  The only thing that one can predict when it comes to JJ is his unpredictability.

We'll all find out what is going on in May when the new film is released.

Well, there it is...