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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jurassic World - Just A Good Fun Film

Jurassic World - 2015
If there is a word to sum up every Jurassic Park movie, it came from Dr. Ian Malcom in The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997).  Early on in that film he said, “Oh Yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts.  Then later, there’s running and um, screaming.”

Yep, that about sums up this latest addition to what might be called “Hammond’s Mistake.” One would think that after trying, and trying again, with each incarnation of the dinosaur theme park that we would have learned our lesson and realize that what has been extinct for 65 million years should probably stay extinct.  After all, dinosaurs were only interested to doing two things; eating and making little dinosaurs.

Well, it is now some 22 years after that first Jurassic Park incident and the all new Jurassic World is a fully functional and somewhat successful theme park located on Isla Nublar. Unfortunately, revenues in the park have been falling because the exhibits have become fairly common. It has been determined that they need to create new dinosaurs to perk up revenues and keep the park solvent.

Meanwhile, the park’s director, Claire Dearing is receiving a visit from her nephews Zach and Gary. Claire is one busy lady and has her assistant take over care for the boys.  They are supplied with nice accommodations overlooking the main plaza of the park and given wristbands that allow them access to all of the rides and exhibits.

Simon Masrani, the park’s owner asks Claire to accompany him to see the new exhibit that will most assuredly rejuvenate the public’s interest in the park. The new dinosaur has been dubbed Indominus Rex (Latin for Untameable King).  This new dinosaur, which never existed in nature, is made up from the DNA of numerous extinct species as well as a few modern ones. It is bigger, faster, louder, and more vicious than anything that has ever existed on land.  A special enclosure has been designed for it, designed by the best engineers, and there has been no expense spared.  Even with that being said, Simon wants the park’s Velociraptor expert, Owen Grady, to come in and check the enclosure for vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, Owen is working with his Raptors on a part of the island that is not open to visitors.  He works with four animals that he has worked with since they were hatched.  He has apparently been training them to obey commands, which they do, but there is tension between Owen and the animals. Owen is approached by InGen’s head of Security, Vic Hoskins who is very happy with the progress that Owen has made and explains that he can see that the Raptors are able to take commands and could be used as weapons.  Just then, a member of the staff falls into the enclosure and Owen enters to rescue him, and then barely escaping with his life, proving that the raptors may be tame, but only to a point.

At about the same time, the boys manage to ditch Claire’s assistant and go off on their own to explore the park.

Claire goes to Owen’s bungalow to get him to carry out Simon’s request. At this point, we also learn that Claire and Owen have had a past relationship that has cooled. Reluctantly, Owen agrees to honor Simon’s request.  When they arrive at the Indominus’ enclosure, there appears to be nothing there, but Owen finds claw marks in the concrete indicating that the animal has escaped its enclosure. Owen and two members of the staff enter the enclosure only to find that the dinosaur has faked an escape. Indominus then attacks the trio killing two, but Owen escapes by hiding under a vehicle, cutting the fuel line and dousing himself with gasoline to hide his scent.  Indominus is now roaming the park.

InGen soldiers make an attempt to capture Indominus using nonlethal weapons and are all killed. Claire orders that the northern part of the park be closed, while at the same time, the boys are exploring there in a gyrosphere vehicle. Indominus arrives and attacks the boy’s vehicle, but they manage to escape and arrive at the original Jurassic Park Visitor’s Center.  The boys get one of the abandoned jeeps running and head for the new park. As the boys leave in the jeep, Owen and Claire arrive at the old building, but are also attacked by Indomenus.

Simon decides that he will take a helicopter and go after Indominus, but it escapes him by breaking into the aviary where the Pteranodons and Dimorphodons are housed. They begin to escape and attack the helicopter, which crashes into the dome of the aviary releasing all of the animals from that enclosure.

As Zach and Gary arrive back at the park, the flying dinosaurs begin attacking tourists.  Finally, Claire’s assistant sees the boys by is snatched up by a Pteranodon that flies over the tank that contains the Mosasaurus, a very large carnivorous ocean-going creature.  The Mosasaurus jumps out of the water and eats both the Pteranodon and Claire’s assistant.  Just then, Owen and Claire arrive and find the boys.

In the control center, Hoskins takes command of the park and decides that Owen must use his Raptors, that he has trained to hunt and kill, to track down the Indominus and kill it. However reluctant, Owen agrees that this may be the only way to stop the bloodshed.  When the Indominus, is confronted by Owen and the Raptors, Indominus (that is part Raptor itself) communicates with the smaller dinosaurs, turning them against the humans and more InGen soldiers are slaughtered, but again, Owen manages to escape.

Meanwhile, Hoskins and Dr. Wu are packing up all of the dinosaur embryos to take them off the island.  Owen, Claire, and the boys arrive and ask what he is doing.  Hoskins explains that he intends to continue to develop Indominus Rex into a weapon as he was intending Owen to do with the Raptors, but suddenly a Raptor arrives on the scene and kills Hoskins.  Owen, Claire and the boys escape from there only to find themselves surrounded by Velociraptors outside. Indominus arrives on the scene and apparently attempts to goad the Raptors into attacking Owen, but Owen has managed to reestablish his connection with the animals and they turn on Indominus and are apparently killed. As Indominus fights off the Raptor attack, Claire releases the Tyrannosaurus Rex and it chases her to where Indominus is. There is one remaining Raptor that teams up with the T-Rex and forces Indominus near the edge of the Mosasaurus tank. The huge aquatic animal lunges out of it’s enclosure and pulls Indominus in killing it.  The T-Rex and the remaining Raptor, having had enough, flee into the forest. The park’s survivors are evacuated to Costa Rica and in the final scene of the film, the T-Rex stands on a helipad overlooking the park and lets loose a thunderous roar.

This film is utterly predictable and follows the formula in every way.  It didn’t matter what the situation was, we knew that Owen, Claire, and the boys were going to survive and everyone else was going to get munched by one dinosaur or another, however, it was very satisfying when Hoskins got his.  But, that is not saying that this is a bad film, on the contrary, I found the movie to be very entertaining and worth going to see as an afternoon matinee. The pace was very fast and once it started, the two hours of the movie went by very quickly,  There was no guessing game and the story unfolded in the usual Jurassic Park way.

The acting in the film was well done.  Chris Pratt as Owen was not as over the top as I would have expected him to be, and his character was likable, as was Bryce Dallas Howard. However, it took a little time to warm up to her as she started out in the film as a typical corporate stooge, but later understood that the animals she was dealing with were actually living beings and not just assets. Hoskins was perfectly portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio as the opportunist who only wanted to exploit the animals as weapons he could sell, perhaps to the highest bidder. I enjoyed Irrfan Khan’s performance as Simon, and genuinely felt bad when his helicopter went down killing his character.  While his interest was to make the park profitable again, he didn’t feel like someone that would want to do that at any cost, and he did indeed rely on his staff to guide his decisions.  The one single actor that appeared in the first Jurassic Park film was B.D. Wong, who reprised his role as Dr. Henry Wu, the geneticist that was the mastermind behind the creation of the animals in the park.  I was taken a little aback when I learned that he was actually working with Hoskins (shades of Nedry?) to exploit the dinosaur’s weapons potential.

If there was an area of disappointment for me, I would have to say that I was a little disappointed in the film score.  One of the best parts of the Jurassic Park series was the awesome music of John Williams, who apparently handed over the baton to Michael Giacchino for this romp through the park, but as I listened, I found that the score, while it fit the action on the screen, was somewhat unremarkable and subdued.

Is there a message in this film?  What is the writers and director trying to tell is is the moral of the story?  Well, for me, the very first part of the film was what it was all about.  Now imagine what it would be like to go to a place like Jurassic World and see and interact with creatures that have been extinct for millions of years.  That in itself, for me at least would be beyond amazing.  But then, even when we are surrounded by marvels that are beyond the imagination, they soon become mundane and we look for bigger thrills, and when we cannot find them for ourselves, corporate society is only more than happy to provide them for us.

In any case, whether there is a deeper message intended or not, Jurassic World is a fun and entertaining film that is worth going to see at least once. There is really no new information (other than they are now creating new dinosaurs) and there are no big reveals. It follows the formula that was established in the first movie, starting with the Ooos and Ahhs, and then follows the running and the screaming, and as the people flee for their lives, the term fast food takes on a whole new meaning.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Star Trek: Captain Pike - Looking At The Story Of Captain Christopher Pike - An Indiegogo Project

 Star Trek: Captain Pike - Looking At The History Of The Future

While it seems that CBS and Paramount are content to just let Star Trek, one of their most popular properties, just sit on the shelf and gather dust, we the fans continually ask for more.  In recent years, there have been many new incarnations of Star Trek available in the books, and movies. While the books are great (I happen to be reading an excellent one right now), we still want the visual experience. J.J. Abrams produced and directed two films that have raised a lot of controversy within fandom and have been accused of falling short by many.  I have even heard people who described the J.J. films as being "amazing" turn around and are also bashing them.

Another source for us Trekkies is the recent trend of producing fan films. Some are trying to break new ground with all new concepts, while others are leaning more towards the traditional Star Trek concept of episodic television.  All are well produced and feature great casts and are quite professionally done.

I have recently been hearing about a new project that is in the works called Star Trek: Captain Pike.  But I haven't been hearing very much, so here is my contribution to help boost the signal for something that promises to be fresh and something that fans have been asking for.

Star Trek: Captain Pike will give us a visual story of the second commander of the USS Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike. Building on the story by Gene Roddenberry in his pilot for TOS, The Cage which didn't air, but was later reworked for the only two part episode of the original series, The Menagerie. The concept is being developed by Todd Shawn Tei along with others who have gathered an all star cast and are striving to do a film that is professional in all aspects.

ST: Captain Pike is the story of what took place in the years prior to Kirk's command.  The story will explore how Pike came to take command from Captain Robert April, the first commander of the Enterprise, as well as his relationship with his father, Josh Pike.  According to Tei, one of the most important aspects of his production is that it isn't just about battles and conflict, but will explore more of the interpersonal relationships that were the basis of what Star Trek was all about.  For instance, we know that Spock is loyal to Captain Kirk, however in the Menagerie Spock was willing to end his own career, as well as Kirk's to bring Pike to Thalos IV so pike could live some semblance of a normal life. What were the events that led to this fierce loyalty spock had for Pike? This is just one of the aspects that Tei promises will be explored in what he hopes will become an ongoing story that will unfold as new films are produced and released.

The cast that has been lined up at this point includes a list that is a veritable who's who in Star Trek.  Along with Todd Shawn Tei (starring as Captain Pike, producing, directing, and writing) is Robert Picardo, Chase Masterson, Linda Park, Dwight Schultz, and Water Koenig.  Also among the talent participating is Ray Wise, Eric Roberts, Bruce Davison, Jorge Pallo, and Rico Anderson. The Links point to their IMDB pages.

An undertaking such as this cannot be done without funding. Tei has chosen to fund Star Trek: Captain Pike through Indiegogo.  There you will be given the opportunity to help fund the project and there are perks at various levels for donating.

You can learn more about ST: Captain Pike in an interview with Tei and one of his co-writers, Walter Doty that M Sieiro Garcia and I did for The Scifi Diner Podcast.

Here is a list of links to also check out...


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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ruminating on O Comic Con - A Fun Day for Chrissy and Me!

O Comic Con - May 2015

I heard that there was a new convention starting in the area quite by accident.  When I checked the guest list for O Comic Con I, that is when I knew that I was going to attend. Among the guests were listed, Mick Foley of Professional Wrestling fame, Jamie Bamber of Battlestar Galactica, and Walter Koenig of Star Trek and Babylon 5 fame. I said to myself, "holy crap!  Walter Koenig! I'm going!"

How often does one living in the middle of Nebraska get to meet someone like that? Someone that I have been watching on television and in films for nearly 50 years?  Not very often. So do I sound a bit fanboyish? I admit that I am guilty as charged.  I went to O Comic Con for one purpose, and one purpose only; to shake hands with someone I consider a living legend and an icon of something I love.

When I announced to my family that I intended to head to Council Bluffs, Iowa to attend this convention, Diane suggested that we make a family outing of it and all go. Cool. We got up at 4:00 AM and headed out to O Comic Con.  The plan was that Chrissy and I would do the con thing and Diane would go shopping and visit the casinos in the area. Little did I know what I was in for as I we arrived.

First, I was pleasantly surprised as I walked in and found that a good friend, Mr. Troy Rutter actually made it after he didn't think he would. Troy worked at in Hollywood on Babylon 5 as their web administrator back in the days before Facebook and Twitter. He knows his way around a con and it was a pleasure to see him again.

Following that initial surprise, it was time to go and get in line to meet Walter Koenig.  Chrissy and I were quite lucky; we were fourth in line.  Unfortunately, Mr. Koenig was late in arriving, but it was nice that the staff were on hand to keep us informed when he would arrive.  By the time Mr. Koenig arrived, the line had gotten quite long, so we had to keep moving.  I got an autographed photo for $40, which I consider to be a reasonable price and moved on.  It would have been nice if there would have been more time to visit.

Next, we cued up for Jamie Bamber.  His line was not as big and Chrissy and I were able to visit with Mr. Bamber for a few minutes.  I was impressed with how warm and friendly a man he is. I had a question I wanted to ask, and got an answer. There are episodes of Battlestar Galactica where his character, Apollo looks about 50 pounds heavier than before or after. I read, and have heard that he actually put on all of that weight for the show. He assured me that he did not, although he said it "would have been more fun" that way as opposed to sitting in makeup for four hours everyday before shooting started.  He asked if I had let Chrissy watch the show, and I apologized explaining that I thought she might be a bit too young yet.  He agreed, explaining that his own children had not seen the show yet and that I should wait a few more years before Chrissy enters that world.

Later, Chrissy and I attended a Q&A session with Mick Foley. For those of you that are not up on professional wrestling personalities, Mr. Foley is known as Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and his most famous character Mankind. It was fun to listen to him talk about his days wrestling, what his favorite matches were, and other work. But what was more impressive was to listen to him talk about his philanthropic work. He told how he had been sponsoring a your lady from the Philippines from the age of three, and that just a few days before, he had made the final payment for her to finish her nursing degree. He also talked about how much he enjoyed being Santa Claus. Even though Chrissy knew nothing about him, she enjoyed Mr. Foley's talk.

The rest of our day was spent wandering around and visiting and getting photos with numerous people we encountered.  I made sure to be polite and ask before I took photos, and was not turned down once.  Some of the costumes are just outstanding, while others are in various stages of being built. I cannot imagine the amount of time and money some of these people invest in their attire, but it is all in fun and one of the best parts of O Comic Con was just people watching.

I asked Chrissy to write down a few words of her experience at this event, here is what she said...

"The cool part was spending time with Dad, and we met Darth Vader, Thor, Chewbacca, and other people from the movies. We also went to a Q&A show with Mick Foley.  We also spent part of the day with a friend, Troy.  The day was pretty fun."

The best part of the day for me, meeting Mr. Koenig and Mr. Bamber, was only topped by being able to share the experience with my daughter.  We had a blast!

One of the best things about going to this event was being able to visit with friends I have made at OSFest.  So I want to shout out to Tom Ulrick, Matt McKeever, Mitch Obrecht, Christopher Crane, Jason Burns, and of course Troy Rutter.  I look forward to seeing you all again later this summer at OSFest 8.

As far as the running of the con itself, I didn't experience any problems as an attendee.  But if anyone that is in charge of organization is reading this, I might offer a suggestion that would have made things a bit better.

A printed program would have been nice, or even just a schedule on poster board would have been helpful.  The schedule was online, but the WiFi in the convention center was secure, which meant that I had to use data to check it.

In any case, as I said, Chrissy and I had a great time and both of us are ready to go to O Comic Con II!

Following are some of the other photos I took at O Comic Con.

Well, there it is...


What an honor it was to shake Mr. Koenig's hand.

It was also awesome to introduce him to Chrissy.

I felt we would be safe with the 501st on the job.

We just happened to see LaForge walking by.

Chrissy is a Star Wars fanatic, so we had to get pictures with anyone that was in costume.

Chrissy said that this Batmobile replica was very cool.  It was very detailed.

I really liked this display.

Chrissy wasn't too sure about this.

The 501st had a great presence at the con.

Malificent!  Awesome costume, and an awesome lady wearing it.

Elsa and Anna took a few seconds off from lunch for a picture!  Thanks Girls!

We tried to free Han from the carbonite, but pressed the wrong buttons.

I'll bet it was warm in this outfit!

We found the mighty Chewbacca!

Awseome Predator outfit.

Marvel had a presence. Iron Patriot and Black Widow.  Can't imagine the work that goes into these costmes.

When I saw this guy, I thought it was Chris Hemsworth himself.  Must have been his twin!

Kiss arrived to Rock and Roll All Night!

These ARE the droids we were looking for.


Glad he left Jabba behind.


One of my most treasured possessions.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - The Age Of Marvel Continues To Create Greatness

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

It has been said over many years that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. We know that, scientifically speaking, this is not true.  However in the movie industry, more often than not, it is true. In this age of movie making that is replete with sequels, prequels, and remakes, it seems that for the most part, when there is a great movie, it is usually followed by another film that is less than what is expected. But as we all know, there are exceptions to almost every rule, and Marvel would seem to have figured out how to make movies that are consistently as good as, if not better than the ones that come before their previous efforts.

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is once again proof that lightning, at least as far as movies are concerned, can not only strike twice, but multiple times.  What is it with this studio?  They seem to have hit on a formula, or some device that has brought hit after hit to the big screen. I’m not complaining, mind you, but it is impressive.

Age of Ultron opens with a massive battle scene that finds the Avengers advancing on a large castle-like structure that houses a Hydra outpost.  Inside is Baron von Strucker who has been working on enhancing human abilities using Loki’s scepter. The result of his experimentation are a brother and sister duo Pietro (Quicksilver) with the power of super speed, and Wanda (Scarlet Witch) who can manipulate minds and throw energy bursts.  After the running battle, Tony Stark captures Loki’s scepter and all return to Stark’s tower that has become the base of operations for the Avengers.

While analyzing the sceptre, Stark and Banner discover an artificial intelligence and use it to complete Stark’s global defence program that he calls Ultron.  What they don’t know is that the artificial intelligence that they discover is also sentient and Ultron’s mission is global defence through the elimination of all humankind.

As the Avengers relax during a victory party, Ultron eliminates Stark’s own artificial intelligence, Jarvis and becomes more powerful and crashes the party.  Ultron then escapes with the sceptre and returns to von Strucker’s former base.  While there, he enhances himself and builds an army of robot drones.  Ultron also recruits the enhanced twins who are seeking revenge against Stark for the killing of their parents via the use of weapons that were developed by Stark Industries.

The twins head to Wakanda to obtain vibranium (the substance that is used in Captain America’s shield) and meet with an arms dealer.  When the Avengers arrive and try to stop them, Wanda subdues them with visions of doom, except for the Hulk, who goes on a blind rampage.  Stark is forced to use a new enhanced armor to subdue the Hulk, but not before there is a significant amount of destruction. This results in a backlash of negative public opinion against the superheroes and that, combined with the disturbing visions planted by Wanda, send the team into hiding at Clint Barton’s (Hawkeye) home.

During the downtime in the country, Thor departs to consult with Dr. Selvig about the visions he is having and Banner realizes an attraction for Natasha, and she is also attracted to him.  They make plans to leave together once Ultron is defeated.  Nick Fury arrives on the scene with encouragement to keep the team working together to make a plan to defeat Ultron.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, with the help of Wanda, Ultron forces Banner’s friend, Dr. Cho to create the perfect body for him using her synthetic tissue technology, vibranium and the gem from the sceptre.  While Ultron uploaded himself into the new body, Wanda reads his mind and discovers his plan for the destruction of humanity and the twins turn against him.  Before ultron can complete his task, Captain America, Natasha and Hawkeye track Ultron down and take the synthetic body, but Ultron manages to escape with Natasha.

Stark reveals that Jarvis is not actually gone as was thought, but was hiding the entire time inside the internet, and he secretly uploads Jarvis into the synthetic body and Thor returns to activate the body with lightning.  Thor then explains that the gem that has been placed on the forehead of the body is actually the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones, and one of the most powerful objects in the universe.  Thor further explains that the Mind Stone was part of his vision and thus the body is called Vision.

The twins and Vision accompany the Avengers to Skovia where Ultron has used the remaining vibranium to create a machine to lift a giant piece of the city high into the atmosphere and then plunge in back onto the surface of the Earth causing global extinction.  While the landmass rises into the air, Banner rescues Natasha and she helps him turn into the Hulk and get ready to fight.  In the meantime, Nick fury arrives with a Helicarrier to evacuate the people off of the landmass.  Pietro takes fire that is intended for Barton, who is holding a child, and is killed in doing so.  This sends Wanda into a rage of grief and she releases an energy burst that destroys many of Ultron’s drones and causes damage to Ultron himself, but is also allows one of his his other drones to activate the machine Ultron is using to destroy humanity. The landmass begins to fall to Earth, but Stark and Thor arrive and manage to overload the machine, shattering the landmass before it can hit.  Vision saves Wanda and confronts what is left of Ultron.

In the closing scenes of the movie, the Hulk takes a Quinjet and leaves on his own, leaving Natasha behind instead of them getting away together as they had planned.  The Avengers establish a new base in Upstate New York under the direction of Fury, Hill, Cho and Selvig.  Stark drives away talking like he is retiring, and Hawkeye returns to his family. Captain America and Natasha begin the training of a new team of Avengers consisting of War Machine, Wanda, Vision, and Falcon.

The only easter egg in the credits shows Thanos vowing to hunt for all of the infinity stones himself.

There was a lot I liked about this film. In the past, I have bashed on the Tony Stark character as portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.  In the Iron Man films, I thought that he was way too flippant and constantly cracking wise.  As I recall, I said that the Iron Man films seemed like a two hour Downey Jr. stand-up comedy act.  It wasn't as much that in the last Avengers film, but then, he didn't get as much screen time. In Age of Ultron though, I was happier with the character.  While he still had his arrogance and some of his flippant tendencies intact, he seemed more flawed and more human, and more serious about the situation. I even found myself liking Star for the first time since he began appearing in the more recent Marvel films.

I also loved, as always, Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of Natasha.  But this time, she comes across also as a character who is very human.  I enjoyed the scenes that she and Banner had together.  Banner wants to simply get away because he is appalled by what he becomes when he transforms into the Hulk, an apparently out of control, unstoppable force of destruction.  He just wants to go someplace where he can enjoy peace and quiet and not become his alter ego.  Natasha is similarly tired of the constant adventuring and wants to get away making the two kindred spirits.  In this film, we get some of Natasha's backstory; we learn that she was sterilized to prevent her from thinking about her emotional side that might prevent her from being the stone cold killer she was trained to be.  In the scene where she explains this to Banner and they talk about their getaway, Natasha begins to tear-up and seems on the verge of losing it, but she doesn't quite let go.  In my mind, this was one of the best and most human scenes in the movie, showing that there is a human side to the characters, and that there is indeed more depth to them.

A sequence that I also loved was the victory party at the tower after the capture of Loki's scepter.  Especially when everyone tried to lift Thor's hammer from the table.  No one was able to do it, but one character was able to make it move a bit, and Thor looked on with a bit of worry on his face.  As part of one of the running gags during the film, Vision DID lift the hammer and hand it to Thor later in the movie, and the look on Hemsworth's face made everyone in the theater chuckle.  I'll also say that the other running gag involved Captain America's concern with Iron Man's tendency to use some more colorful metaphors.

I thought that this was a well balanced film.  There was plenty of action and plenty of story in equal parts and the time went by so fast, it certainly didn't seem like it was almost two and a half hours long.

I do only have one, very small and nitpicky complaint; the action scenes and the scene changes go by so fast that there isn't really time to digest everything one sees on the screen. I am pretty sure that no one can see everything in a Marvel film in just one viewing, so whether it is a shortcoming of the editing process, or a ploy to get patrons to go and see the film more than once, it is just a small thing, because even if I cannot make it to the theater to see this a second time, I will be getting this on BluRay so I can see it again.

I will conclude by saying that I truly enjoyed this film.  I found it entertaining on many levels, and if you are reading this and have not been to the theater to see Age of Ultron, or are waiting for it to come out on one of the digital services, please be advised that these films are made for the big screen and you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not see it in a theater.

Well, there it is...