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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon: Honor Bound By Keith R.A. DeCandido - Defending Honor Klingon Style

Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon: Honor Bound by Keith R.A. DeCandido

This is the second of three books in the I.K.S. Gorkon series of novels, and it is an action packed continuation immediately following the first of the series, A Good Day To Die.

Captain Klag of the Gorkon follows orders to find world's that the Klingon Empire can annex for resources to help rebuild after the war with the Dominion from the Gamma Quadrant. Chancellor Martok has sent a fleet to the Beta Quadrant to seek planets that are rich in the resources needed, and to conquer any populations that might be there. Klag found San-Tarah, a planet that is ideal in what it has to offer the rebuilding effort, however, it is also populated by a race of canine-like beings that fight as fiercely as any Klingon. While it should have been an easy matter for the crew of the Gorkon to follow through with the taking of San-Tarah, the situation is complicated by a series of anomalies that prevent the Klingons from using anything more than their hand-to-hand weapons for the fight, their advanced technology is useless. The odds are even as the Klingon landing party finds that the Children of San-Tarah, who have no technology other than their own, are amazing warriors in their own right.

Klag takes notice of this and after performing five contests, which the San-Tarah wing the majority of, has to keep a promise that no Klingons will ever step foot on their planet again. Klag’s commander, General Talak, takes exception to this and tells Klag that he and several other ships are on their way to San-Tarah, and that Klag and the Gorkon will participate in the conquering of the planet. Talak tells Klag that he has no right to make such arrangements on the Empire’s behalf, but he also has an axe to grind with Klag that involves the dishonor of Talak’s kinsman, so Talak will use the situation to take his revenge. Add to that, Klag’s own brother, Dorrek will also take advantage to right wrongs that he feels Klag has done.

Honor Bound begins with Klag calling on his fellow members of the Order of the Bat’leth to help him uphold his own personal honor as well as the honor of the Empire. While some come to his aid, a battle ensues both in space and on the planet that reaches epic proportions that finds many on both sides losing their lives. Many ships are damaged. And there is glory for all who come out on top, but is honor served?

Once again, honor is being tested on various fronts in this story. As the commanding officer of a ship, Klag is well within his bounds to make promises and enforce them, his sense of honor will not allow him to follow the orders of Talak, who will appear to follow Martok’s orders, but he uses this to cover his vendetta against Klag. It is a matter of orders versus what is right, and Klag will always err on the side of what is right and just because he holds his honor above all else.

This story is one of battles being fought on many different fronts. Klingons fighting against Klingons, Klingons defending the promises made to the San-Tarah, Klingons fighting alongside the San-Tarah, and then there is the battle in space between ships holding crews numbering in the thousands. There are also the personal battles that all of the Klingons fight within themselves as they take up arms against their fellow warriors based on orders received, and not knowing the real reasons behind the fight. This is a fast paced and multifaceted story that is exciting to its core and never lets up until the very end, where there is an interesting twist.

As I have stated before, Keith DeCandido knows Klingons and how to write their stories and present them as believable, colorful, and exciting to read. This is a real page-turner and I did not want to stop reading once I started. On several occasions, Keith fills in the blanks by giving just enough backstory on various characters adding to the understanding of the motivations behind individual actions and attitudes. His descriptions of the places in the story are well done so that the reader can visualize what the arena of action might look like.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you want to read about Klingons in action, and about Klingon honor, then Honor Bound is what you are looking for, however I do recommend reading the first book in the series to better understand how this conflict came to be.

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The Middle Of Nowhere (Star Wolf Book 3) By David Gerrold - The Penultimate Story Of A Great Series!

The Middle of Nowhere (Star Wolf Book 3) by David Gerrold

The LS-1187 Star Wolf has returned from its mission to rescue with the Burk. While the Burke was lost with all hands owed to the efforts of the Morethan assassin Cinnabar, the Star Wolf did manage to destroy the Morethan ship Dragon Lord at the cost of thirteen of its crew, including its captain leaving Commander Jon Korie in command and having the unenviable task of dealing with Cinnabar, who transferred to the Star Wolf before the Burk was destroyed.

In this installment of the Star Wolf  saga by David Gerrold, the Star Wolf is a crippled ship thanks to the efforts of Cinnabar and is in need of decontamination and refit so they can rejoin the fight against the Morethans. Unfortunately, Commander Korie learns that the Burk was sent out as a decoy to lure the enemy ship Dragon Lord in, and the Star Wolf was sent to keep the Morethan ship busy while capturing the Burk, which had been booby trapped for the Morethans.

While Korie and his crew managed to kill Cinnabar, they didn’t know what he had with him when he boarded the Star Wolf. Cinnabar managed to bring along Imps; small, stealthy creatures that when let loose, continue to sabotage the ship while avoiding capture. So, the Star Wolf hangs in space, away from Spacedock in quarantine indefinitely, that is until Korie learns that his ship will not be repaired, it is to be decommissioned and he is to make parts from the Star Wolf available to any other ship that requests them. Furthermore, he also learns that he is not to be made captain of the ship and that the Burk is going to be given credit for the destruction of the Dragon Lord.

More determined than ever, Korie decides to make an effort to get his ship fit enough to get back in the fight, but first the crew will have to deal with the imp, who has the knowledge to destroy the ship and kill all hands aboard.

The Middle of Nowhere is a book full of chases. One crewman is sent on a quest to find a particular tool while another pursues a relationship with an unlikely partner, and everyone is looking to capture the imp that is wreaking havoc everywhere on the ship. The Star Wolfe really is stuck in the middle of nowhere because they cannot return to their base for repairs; the imp might jump ship and begin to infect the Spacedock, which would severely cripple the war effort.

My favorite story line is a subplot involving one young crewman named Gatineau. When Crewman Third Class Robert Gatineau reports to his department head, he is sent to find and bring back a “left-handed moebius wrench.” What the author does is send Gatineau on a search for a non-existent tool which at first seems like the youngster is being hazed. With every stop, he is given some of the dirtiest duties to perform on the ship and when that is completed, he is then sent to the next place to find the tool. What at first seems like hazing, actually turns out to be a hands-on training program that other members of the crew have endured. Gatineau didn’t know his way from one place to the other until he was sent on this “tour,” and when it was finally over and he was let in on the secret, he knew the ship and it’s many functions very well. But this subplot is not only for the benefit of the character, but for the reader as well, we also get to know the ship and it’s functions. This was a brilliant bit of writing by David Gerrold that I really appreciate. With each chapter involving Gatineau in the first half of the book, we learn a lot about the setting of the story and get an understanding of how the ship functions.

The hero of the story is Commander Jonathan T. Korie, First Officer of the LS-1187. Ships are not given names until they have been successful in battle. Korie was supposed to take command from Captain Lowell, the first commander of the ship. On their first shakedown cruise, the LS-1187 led a Morethan fleet to the convoy which they were charged with escorting. The convoy was decimated and the LS-1187 was crippled beyond the ability of the crew to repair. Lowell was killed and Korie assumed command and used some strange methods to get his ship home, which took six months of very uncomfortable travel through dangerous parts of space. The Morethans also attacked many colonies while the LS-1187 limped back to Spacedock. One of those planets was where Korie’s wife and two sons were living.

Korie is, understandably, very angry about this and instead of mourning his loss, he deals with it by throwing himself into his job and directing his anger at the enemy, and obsessively so. This is his main obstacle to being promoted to command of his own vessel. Even though the fleet is desperately in need of commanders, and Korie has the qualifications and training to be a great commander, he is being held back because, as Captain Hardesty tells him, he is “feral” and “wild, “ and therefore not ready to command his own ship. There is a glimmer of hope for him though, because the admiral informs him that they do have plans for him.

I love David Gerrold’s writing because it reads like classic science fiction in the same vein as the greats, but with his own style. As I read his work, the level of professionalism shines through. Each sentence flows into the next as the story unfolds making it easy to read, even when the author discusses technical aspects of the ship’s operations and technology. This story covers a lot of emotional ground as well, but I find myself cheering for Commander Korie to get his command, but when he is ready, which will hopefully happen in the fourth and final book in the Star Wolfe series.

My highest recommendations for fans of space opera and hard science fiction goes with this, and the previous three books in the series.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rules Of Accusation - Quark's Scheme To Make Latinum Takes A Funny Turn

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rules of Accusation by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdman

A good and dear friend, Eric Cone sent me an instant message telling me that he had just read this book and that he found it hilarious and said that I should give it a look. Science FIction has a tendency to get a bit heavy, and just having read a book with a very grim scenario, I was ready for something on the lighter side.

Quark’s Bar is reopened on the newly rebuilt Deep Space Nine, and as always, the Ferengi bartender is contemplating new schemes to drum up business. Now the bar is not only a place of entertainment and gaming, but it has also become the Ferengi Embassy to Bajor, and quark is the Ambassador, duly appointed by his brother Rom, who was appointed to be the Grand Nagus, the current ruler of the Ferengi people. As far as Quark is concerned, the ambassador cannot function properly until there is a dedication ceremony. Quark sends out invitations to all of the most influential business leaders in the Ferengi Alliance, but the response to his RSVP’s is not what he had hoped. Quark visits with several of the station’s personnel about ideas to boost interest in his party including the station’s commander, Ro Laren. He asks Commander Ro if perhaps he could offer a door prize that would allow contraband to be transported through Federation space on a one time basis. When that fails, he visits with Chief O’Brien who tells Quark about a display of old, first edition classic books that he attended. At first, Quark thinks that no one would care about looking at old books, but perhaps, if he can arrange it, if he put the original Rules of Acquisition, penned by the first Grand Nagus on display, this might be just the hook he needs to get the other Ferengi entrepreneurs in the door.

After making arrangements with his brother, Rom agrees to bring the sacred document to the station for all to see after being locked in a vault for a long time. Quark’s scheme is successful and, on the day of the big event, all of the most influential Ferengi business leaders arrive ready and willing to part with their latinum to get a glimpse of the scroll that is the very foundation of Ferengi commerce and their way of life.

When Quark unveils the scroll, it is soon discovered that it is a fake and is the beginning of a search for the real scroll that takes the reader through many twists that leads our characters on a merry chase that includes an ironic ending to the story that actually started many years before the actual story took place.

Poor Quark, it seems that no matter what he tries to do things always seem to go wrong, but he always seems to manage to land on his feet thanks to the help of others. In this case, his former arch nemesis, Odo is a great deal of help in discovering where the real scroll isn’t, but it is a long time but absent friend who really gets to the bottom of the matter and makes everything right again. Quark doesn’t make a lot of profit on this venture, but all ends well, as it usually does in situations involving the Ferengi.

The authors do a great job in capturing the spirit of a Deep Space Nine story. The characters are all just as they should be, that is as they would be had this been an episode of the television series. The voice is just right and they all behave just as one would expect. The story itself is a lighthearted romp with no one really being in danger, with the exception of their reputations, which are shaky at the best of times where the Ferengi are concerned.

I would recommend this story for any Deep Space Nine fan who is looking for something on the lighter side.

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Attending A Convention - Been To A Few And Have Some Ideas You May Find Helpful

Attending a Convention: Experience is the Best Teacher

I received an e-mail from a representative of a company that organizes and helps organizers run conventions, concerts, and other events and it was suggested that I write about how I prepare and survive at conventions. Considering that many of you have already attended an event or two, you probably know the ropes far better than I do. However there may be some of you reading this that have never attended an event, so I thought I might share a little of what I have learned.

Before The Event…

There are a lot of cons these days for almost everything that one can imagine. Comic Cons, Game Cons, Cons that deal with Science Fiction and/or Fantasy and so on. Before you decide on a con to attend, be sure that it is aimed at something that you are interested in. If you want to meet celebrities, a quilting con might not be something you are interested in. If you do not like standing in long lines waiting, be careful of going to the really big cons because that is one thing that you can rest assured you will be doing, standing in line.

Get your tickets early. Some of the larger cons might have adequate room for everyone and if you wait until you get to the door, you might get turned away.

Book your room early if you are staying away from home. If the motel you plan to stay at is offering a special rate for con attendance, BE SURE TO GET THE ARRANGEMENTS IN WRITING! Last year I had a very unpleasant experience when I had booked a room and did not get my reservation in writing and wound up in an argument with a clerk and the manager arguing over an almost $100 difference in what I was quoted and what they wanted to charge me. Also, when getting a place to stay, keep in mind that you do not need a luxury suite or a whole lot of amenities with your room; you are there to attend a convention and your room is nothing more than a place to crash after a long day of “conning” as I like to call it. However, complimentary breakfast is always a plus.

Plan What You Want To Do In Advance…

As far as I know, events at cons are usually planned out in advance. Check the con’s web page and see if they have posted a schedule of events, panels, photo ops, etc. and use a highlighter to figure out where you want to be at what time. In my experience, events at cons start pretty well on time unless circumstances change, and the people that are at the cons are usually on top of delays and will let you know if there is a problem.

If you are looking to get celebrity autographs, keep in mind that they do charge for them, and they can be very expensive depending on who it is and how much in demand they are. Be prepared to be disappointed because celebrities are human and things do come up that might call them away. There will most likely be another opportunity to meet them in the future.

When you get autographs, please make sure that you have them personalized to you, or to whomever you are getting them for. Unfortunately, a lot of unscrupulous individuals get autographs just to turn them around and sell them on eBay or some other clearing house. Celebrities know this and the prices are going up in part because of this practice.

Another thing you can use to get an autograph is something you already have, a DVD cover, a card from a game, or a favorite book in the case of an author is appropriate, and the author will most likely not charge to sign your book. If you are like me, most of your books are on an electronic device, authors always have copies of their books at their table and will be happy to sell you one with a personalized autograph and a thanks.

Packing For A Con…

Depending on the event, you will need clothes for three or four days, plus an extra change of clothes just in case of a mishap. If you are planning to meet a personality from a particular television show or movie, a t-shirt with the show title on it is always nice, and the celebrities notice it; it adds to the fun of the event. Keep in mind the climate and weather conditions so you can dress appropriately.

Comfortable shoes are a must! You will most likely be doing a lot of walking or standing in one place and there is nothing more miserable than having shoes that have not been properly broken in. You might also consider bringing along a second pair of comfortable shoes to change into half way through the day. I would not advise shoes without arch support; flip-flops are a very bad idea.

Take Care Of Yourself And Your Health…

The last thing you want to happen is to get sick while you are attending an event. The first con I attended a few years back, I hadn’t had anything to drink but coffee for two days. By the afternoon of the second day, I was feeling pretty miserable. I had become dehydrated. It cost me about two hours of the day to get myself together again before I could start moving around again. Remember to stay hydrated; just plain water is the best thing, avoid sugary drinks because they actually take more water from your system to process the syrup in the drink. Also be sure to carry a backpack stocked with snacks like cereal bars or crackers of some kind, personally I like Goldfish crackers. Another favorite is caramel flavored FiberOne bars. Nuts are also a good idea. If there are concession stands at the con, the food there can be very expensive for what you get, be sure to take time out for at least one good meal a day.

Oh, and this should go without saying, but please shower every day. Con-funk can be embarrassing for you and miserable for those around you.

Conduct At The Event…

You are going to see a lot of sights at a con that are interesting. Many of the attendees will be wearing costumes that are very elaborate, and some will be quite skimpy, revealing more than just a little skin. Please remember the cardinal rule “costumes are not permission.” Sexual harassment of someone is not looked upon lightly and could be severely punished. Think before you say something.

Most of the time, people in costume love to stop to allow others to take a photo of them. It is just a common courtesy to ask permission before you snap a picture, I doubt you will be turned down. Many of those that are in costume have invested a lot of money and hours of their personal time putting their outfit together and will be proud and flattered that you would want to capture their image.

Occasionally you might see a celebrity walking around taking in some of the sights. If you encounter this situation, be cool. By all means, say hello, but please don’t try to stop them and visit; give them some space. You may think you know them because of their role in your favorite television series or movie, but they really don’t know you.

If there is anything you feel I have forgotten or wish to share any of your con stories, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

One Year After by William R. Forstchen - Amazing And Disturbing - A Must Read For Fans Of Post-Apocalyptic Speculative Fiction

One Year After by William R. Forstchen

A while back, before I started writing this blog, I listened to audio-books on a more regular basis than I currently do. One such book that impressed me deeply was William R. Forstchen’s One Second After, a speculative fiction story about the events in a small town in North Carolina after the United States is hit by an Electromagnetic Pulse attack when nukes are detonated above the country. In the blink of an eye, the town in question loses all use of electronic devices and services, and the results is a rapid spiral into a new Dark Ages for the citizens. Think about it, all of the things we now take for granted; something as simple as refrigeration can have a giant impact on life, especially when there are medicines such as insulin that require being kept cool lest they break down and lose their potency very quickly.

One Second After looks at the events of the town for a year following the EMP attack and I recommend that you read that book before you read One Year After, the book that I will discuss in this post.

Beginning on Day 730 following the EMP attack on the U.S., the town of Black Mountain continues to survive and try to rebuild their infrastructure and provide for their own defense. The only threat they face is from the other side of the mountain in the form of a group they call “reivers” that are more of a pest than a real threat. One morning, the community appointed authority, John Matherson is informed that many of the people of the town are to be drafted into service of an army that is supposed to restore peace to the major cities in the U.S. That have been taken over by various entities that hold power through intimidation and mayhem. One of the people that receives a draft notice is Matherson’s own daughter. When he looks further into what is happening, he learns that the draft will leave the town virtually undefended and vulnerable.

Matherson heads to meet the government official in Asheville, Dale Fredericks, who assures Matherson that the protection of his town will be provided for by the government while the citizens of Black Mountain are away. Furthermore, Matherson himself is offered a position in the new government thanks to his military background, and what his leadership has established in Black Mountain. However, Matherson is not comfortable with what he is told, and when Fredericks’ troops attack the reivers, Matherson determines that he cannot condone the injustice of the new government, and especially of the local authorities in Asheville.

The main character of the story is John Matherson. Before The Day, He was a college history professor and former colonel in the Army who served in the Gulf War. He understand both history and war and uses his knowledge to put the people around him to their best use. As far as how he governs, he holds the Constitution in the highest regard and will not perform or allow to anyone to perform actions that go outside of the letter of the law. Matherson is a level-headed man with a lot of common sense and has to be admired for his restraint when he finds himself in a position to advance his personal agenda over the good of the community (In One Second After, he is very tempted to take something he needs desperately).

The main antagonist in this story is Dale Fredericks, a bureaucrat who has been given way too much power and has very little oversight. Instead of leading, he surrounds himself with thugs and tries to make insincere deals that he most likely has no intention of following through with. He comes across in the beginning as someone that can be dealt with fairly, but it isn’t long before we learn that he is not to be trusted, and he has no regard for the letter or the spirit of law.

This is a very scary saga that is presented in a very realistic and believable manner that is very grim and disturbing. The possibility of an EMP attack is far too plausible for comfort and nothing has been done to protect what we have come to take for granted. The events of the two books I mention are not fun to contemplate and I had a hard time thinking about what I read as I contemplated what might happen to my own family and friends. Perhaps this is part of the message that the author is trying to convey in his prose after all, he is an educator as well as one fine teller of stories. It is my sincere hope that he is not prophetic as well.

I give my highest recommendations to read both One Second After and One Year After, however, as I mentioned at the beginning, be sure to read them in that order. This is serious post-apocalyptic fiction that reads all too close to reality for comfort; it is not for those that are given to nightmares or are easily disturbed.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

O Comic Con - 2016 - Cosplay, Klingons, and Combs! Oh My! Had A Great Time!

This past weekend, I attended O Comic Con that was held in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It was a three day event held at the Mid America Center just over the border from Omaha, Nebraska.

I also attended this event last year, but for only one day and both times I have had positive experiences and visited with a lot of good people.

This weekend I was mostly involved with the Klingon club that I have been wanting to join since I learned about them a few years ago as OSFest. At that time, I was told that the requirement for joining the “ship” was to make a Klingon uniform. Well, thanks to the sewing expertise of my wife, I finally accomplished that first mission and have been accepted into the ranks of the I.K.V. Raptor’s Heart.

The weekend kicked off Friday with setting up our display that consisted of weapons and uniforms at a table in one of the main hallways. Although we were not in the real thick of things, we still had a number of people stop and express interest in what we were about.  I spent a lot of time working the table, visiting with people, and handing out information to try to boost membership.

One of the highlights of the con for me was once again being the emcee for our game of Klingon Jeopardy on Saturday morning.  It mostly consists of presenting a phrase to the audience and then someone gets a chance to give an answer in the form of a question. If the audience member gets it right, they are awarded chocolate, however an incorrect response is punished by getting zapped with a pain stick, which is a hand-shake buzzer mounted on the end of a handle. The event was well attended and everyone had a fun time.

Another highlight was to meet Jeffrey Combs, the actor that portrayed numerous roles on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, but would probably be best known as the Vorta, Weyoun or as the once and former Ferengi Liquidator Brunt, as well as the Andorian Commander Shran in Star Trek: Enterprise. Those are just the tip of the iceberg as he has done many other roles since 1981 and continues to remain active in movies, television, and theater.

Jeffrey spent a lot of time at his autograph table and held two question and answer panels that were quite well attended. The first thing he announces before he begins taking questions that he has no prepared remarks and that “the makeup takes two hours.” He was a lot of fun to listen to and gave each question an honest and extensive answer. His interaction with fans is very friendly and I was fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time visiting with him on Friday as he wasn’t very busy with fans.

I did have a great weekend and enjoyed meeting a lot of people, making new connections, and visiting with friends that I only get to see on rare occasions. From my point of view, O Comic Con was a huge success and will hopefully continue into the future as an event I can look forward to annually.

First up are photos I got of, or with, Jeffrey Combs...

At one of two panels Jeffrey held.  In the second one,
he arranged for Casey Biggs (Damar) to call him;
at the end of the call he told Biggs, "you're still a traitor!"
After the panel, I figured that I should get my autographs,
which as you can see, I went a little overboard on.

Chrissy, Jeffrey, and me.  Jeffrey made no bones about us wearing
the wrong t-shirts.

Two of my Attack Wing cards are now signed by the actor that portrayed the characters!

Weyoun photo for the man-cave.

Diane's favorite character in DS9 is Brunt, so I got her a gift!

Jeffrey with the crew of the I.K.V. Raptor's Heart, of which I am
now proud to be a part of.

Chrissy, Jeffrey, and me, and this time, in the right t-shirts!
Two of my very good local friends also attended the convention. One was Andrew Schmidt who is a sculptor. I was not expecting the gift he sent me on Sunday morning! These now hold a place on the mantle in my living room. You can see more of Andrew's work at his website for Andrew's Clay Creations on Etsy.

Along with Andrew, whom I threatened with a Bat'leth while in Klingon costume, Bruce Schindler, my good friend and author of the Dust and Cannibals books I have enjoyed had a more calming influence on my warrior's heart.  Learn more about Bruce and his work at

I had a good time wandering around in Klingon uniform, here are some other pictures.  My outfit is a work in progress...

Kevin Carroll in Steampunk, ready for battle!

Colton as Thor!
O Comic Con had activities for kids this year and Chrissy attended some of them, that is when she wasn't babysitting the Tribble...

She just couldn't resist the Tribble.

Playing Dr. Who Yahtzee.

A workshop learning to draw comics.
As either Chrissy or I wandered around the venue, we tried to make sure we had a camera and got shots of many great costumes and displays...

A Dahlek Stroller with K-9!

I.K.V. Raptor's Heart weapons display.

Handing out candy to kids passing by.

Chrissy and Black Widow.

Robert Pelletier not only portrayed Count Dookoo, but also Darth Vader, A Starfleet
Officer, A Storm Trooper, and is a Science Educator by trade.  I would enjoy attending
his classes!

John Jr. is taken away, under arrest for charity.

Bigu Gly (Big Ugly) was the biggest most elaborate costume I saw!

Hondo Murray was an extremely convincing TOS Klingon, that is until you talk to him,
then you realize what a kind and fun man he is.

Well, there it is...