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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Look At Some New/Old Star Trek: Star Trek Continues: Pilgrim of Eternity

Star Trek Continues: Episode E01: Pilgrim of Eternity

Shortly after the premier at the Phoenix Comicon, it was announced on Facebook that the project to resurrect original series Star Trek had released their first episode of Star Trek Continues.  I had seen many promos for this on Facebook including cast pictures, interviews, and announcements of the premier.  Today I had a few minutes to kill so I sat down and watched this creation.

And I was totally blown away!

Pilgrim of Eternity opens with Captain Kirk staring down the barrel of a revolver in the hand of a character that looks a lot like Wyatt Earp from the TOS episode “Spectre of the Gun.”  At the word of Mr. Scott, the scene dissolves and we learn that the holotechnology is being introduced to for the first time on the Entereprise.

Kirk is alerted to come to the bridge where the ship encounters an object that is causing a dangerous power drain.  The object is ordered destroyed and Apollo appears on the bridge (incidentally, Apollo is played by the same actor that appeared in the TOS episode, “Who Mourns for Adonias”).  Apollo has aged and is near entering oblivion and requests that he be allowed to live out his life as a simple member of society somewhere.  Skeptical, Kirk refuses Apollo his request because of a fear that he will continue to behave as he did when the crew of the Enterprise first encountered him.  And Kirk’s fears are not without merit.

Michael Forest as Apollo: Then and Now
They later figure out that if they remove the extra organ that Apollo has that makes him draw energy from being worshipped as a god, it may allow him to actually live a normal life among humanoids.  However, after McCoy performs the surgery, it is discovered through an act of sacrifice, Apollo still has powers.

Vic Mignogna as James T. Kirk
This ‘new’ Star Trek is so close to the feel of the original series that it could actually be an episode from the late 1960’s, but the look of it is definitely of our time.  Everything about this is great.  The actors are right on, and the actor playing Captain Kirk is so close to perfect in channeling Kirk’s mannerisms and speech patterns, the difference isn’t worth noting.  The sets are precisely how they should be right down to the style of the chairs, hand phasers, and communicators.  In a word, it is magnificent.

Along with the brief introduction of the early holodeck, there is also the addition of a ships counselor.

This is classic Star Trek complete with a great story that has an ending with a message.  I think that gene Roddenberry would have approved.  And I hope you do too.

Enough of my prattle, you just have to see this for yourself.  Click HERE to see Star Trek Continues: Pilgrim of Eternity.

Well, there it is…