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Friday, July 5, 2013

What Class Are Your Children? - Book Review: Children of the New Era by Meinos Kaen

Children of the New Era (S-Class) by Meinos Kaen - 2012

Not long ago, I acquired a new Twitter follower, one Meinos Kaen.  In one of his posts, I noticed that he is an author and was promoting a book called Children of the New Era.  Well, since I am a reader who enjoys reading new stuff, I checked it out on, found that it was available for the Kindle, and the .99 cent price was right so I downloaded it and forgot that I had bought it because I was in the middle of another very long novel.  This morning, I was checking my library and found it and thought I should give it a try, and I am glad that I did.

This story is set in a dystopian distant future.  It takes the form of several blog posts on a fictitious blog called The Proud Parents Blog.   On this blog, parents write in about their gifted, or un-gifted children.  The gifts the children have are not seen now, because this is after “DHE,” or the “Day Humanity Evolved.”  This evolution takes place in many different ways including high mental functioning, enhanced physical abilities, telepathy, and the most dreaded skills held by the S-Class children, or the ability to harm others with thought.

Naturally, the children of the S-Class are eagerly sought by the government’s Home Department.  Many parents take their children to Evaluation Centers to be tested for their abilities, and one is found to be of the S-Class, they are removed from their homes to facilitate further training.  It is presumed that these children are taken by the military for obvious reasons.

In the story, the Home Department shuts down the Proud Parents Blog when they discover that parents are talking about their S-Class children and how they are taken away never to be seen again.
What appeals to me most about this book is the format.  I have never seen a story told almost entirely in the form of blog posts and responses to those posts.  I found it innovative and fresh.

This book is very short, one can read it in about two hours or less, and at the price of $1.99, it’s worth a look.  Actually, this would seem to be a preamble and prequel to a new novel entitled S-Class which is promised for release later this year.  It is well written and quite articulate.  If there is a criticism, it is that Kaen writes the blog’s responses almost  too well; meaning that the characters that are responding to the blog are too intelligent, but this only helps to make the story more concise.

The last part of the book, a chapter titled “???” is a preview of the upcoming novel.

I did enjoy this short story and am looking forward to the release of S-Class.

Podcast News

Following the second episode of Under the Dome on CBS, Wayne Henderson and Troy Heinritz released their latest review on  Wayne and Troy give you reviews, news, observations, and listener feedback on episode 2 of the television series entitled “Fire.”  And if you watched that episode on July 3rd, 2013, you will have been introduced to a new character named Randolph, one of the policemen in the town of Chester’s Mill.  Troy and Wayne made a great catch and was able to secure an interview with Kevin Sizemore, the actor that portrays Randolph.  It is a great interview and you can get some good insight on his take on his character and the show in general.  Click HERE to listen on the UTDR website or download from numerous sources like iTunes. 

Scott and Miles at the Scifi Diner Podcast released an episode that is full of news goodness.  They announce some upcoming shows including a Man of Steel show and a Rewind of Jurassic Park.  Also there is a new trivia question that will allow one to win a signed print of Rob Paulsen, a voice actor from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Animaniacs, and Transformers and others.  They also present an interview with Paulsen.  Miles presents his This Week In Star Trek on the real life tricorder prize of one-million dollars to the first who invents it.  There is also discussion of Man of Steel, Independence Day sequels amd more.  Click HERE to listen to Episode 177 of the Diner.

On Starbase 66, Rick and his crew tackle a load of listener feedback on Episode 125.

I have also recently subscribed to Hank Davis’ Falling skies podcast, but haven’t had a chance to listen yet.  But I know Hank is doing a fine job and I will report when I get caught up.

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