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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Episodes Of The Dune Saga Podcast & SciFi Diner Featuring A Babylon 5 Discussion - I'm On Both, So You Must Listen - Resistance Is Futile

There are two items to cover today...

David, Scott and I got together after reading Dune: The Machine Crusade, the second in the Legends of Dune trilogy and had a lot of fun discussing the book.  We covered many aspects of the story, we talked about the characters, we covered our favorite quotes from the book, and read and commented on reviews of the book as well as our listener feedback.

We would love to have you listen into our conversation, but if you need a refresher on Machine Crusade, sstart by listening to David's Dune In Ten summary of the of the story.  After listening to that, jump right in and listen to our commentary on The Dune Saga Podcast #2 episode.

You can feed back to us in numerous ways including sending an e-mail to, post on our Facebook page, We are on Twitter at @dunesagapodcast, and you can leave us a voice-mail at 1-888-508-4343.

We will be reading the third and final installment of the Legends series, Dune: The Battle of Corrin.  Please send your comments for the show before January 21st.

What happens when Scott, Miles and M leave the SciFi Diner unattended, well you can find out if you listen to Raul Ybarra and me take over for one episode.  We learned that certain members of the Diner cast have never watched the epic television series Babylon 5.  We were agahst at this, so Raul and I got together and hijacked the diner for an overview of the series.

Listen to our discussion of many aspects of the show that is approaching it's 20th anniversary on The SciFi Diner Podcast Episode 192 - A Babylon 5 Rewind.

You can feedback to the Diner as always, or if you would like, can send feedback directly to Raul at or on Twitter @rytchgeek.  As for me, you can e-mail me at, leave comment on my Facebook page, or find me on Twitter @JimArrowood2.

Well, there it is...