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Sunday, September 25, 2016

1-800-Henchmen: Double Lives, Double The Fun By Katherine Wielechowski - Leading A Double Life Ain't Easy!

1-800-Henchmen: Double Lives, Double The Fun by Katherine Wielechowski

Double Lives, Double the Fun begins almost where the first book in the series, First Shot leaves off. In this segment, Alfie is doing his best to balance a very complicated life, which he does so while maintaining his sense of humor while developing his skills as a member of the Henchmen team to which he has been assigned. It was discovered that Alfie has a lot to offer his team in the area of firearms proficiency, but is lacking in the area of hand-to-hand combat. So while he undergoes training to improve his skills, obtaining many bumps and bruises along the way (the Henchmen don’t pull their punches in training), he has to limp home and try to maintain his family life, concealing his aches and pains as he perpetuates the falsehood of being a simple employee in a gym. Thankfully he is still young and he recovers quickly, but he doubts his improvement as his trainers ramp up the torture as he gains skills.

Alfie’s non professional life continues on a more or less normal track as we get to meet more of his family, including two brothers who visit all too infrequently as far as Alfie’s mother is concerned.

Now, if balancing leading a double life isn’t enough, throw in an unintentional budding romantic relationship with one of the members of Alfie’s team and a den of terrorists in Canada bent on causing more nuclear mayhem, you have the makings of a really fun story.

In this novella, the second in a series of four (so far), we find our hero, Alfie facing the rigors of leading a double life trying to hide the true nature of his job from his family, which he is doing brilliantly. Once again, Katherine knocks it out of the park with her brilliant character development and imaginative plot development creating a story that can be easily read in one sitting, but is jam-packed full of fun banter between characters, hilarious situations, and action packed entertainment.

While the Henchmen stories may not be pure Sci-Fi, I would have to say that they are within the superhero, action/adventure genres and are well worth taking a look at.

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